With our suture practice kit and suturing in 7 program, we guarantee you will become more confident and competent at suturing.


Learn how to suture

With our patented Suture Practice Kit and our Suturing in Seven Days course, taught by Dr. David Naysmith.

Why I Created This Suturing Program

Hello - my name is David Naysmith. If you found this website, chances are you would like to learn how to suture, or you may know how to suture, but you want to do it better or more efficiently.

I've worked as a surgeon for more than 30 years. I have taught suturing and other topics at medical schools, and I've interacted with hundreds of students over those years. I noticed a trend. When it came time for a someone to suture in the real world, they had forgotten what they learned in school. As I thought about this more I realized that the amount of suturing practice most students get in the classroom simply is not enough.

So in 2014, I set out to design a suture practice kit. I wanted something compact that could be taken anywhere with all the tools and sutures you need. Then, I developed course to go along with it called Suturing in Seven Days. A seven module video course.

If you purchase the Suture Practice Kit available on this website and my Suturing in Seven Days course, I guarantee you that at the end of seven days, if you stay with the program, that you will meet or exceed your goals.

Meet your instructor

Dr. David Naysmith
Plastic Surgeon

Suture Practice Kit
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Suture Course
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Suture Practice Kit Features

Practice anywhere

Take your suture kit with you anywhere

Patent Pending Design

Trifold case wraps around your thigh


Small case fits in a bag or purse

Reviews about the suture kit and course


I wish that I had had access to this in medical school, it would have perhaps improved the scars on a few of my early patients in the ER."

Dr. L Woodburn

Family Medicine


The experience was amazing. The course touched on everything I needed to know to feel confident to suture.

Sarah Douglas

Pre-Med Student


The unique and ingenious suture practice kit with the multi-layer design simulated the anatomy of the skin layers and allow for individual practice.

Dr. A Leong

Family Medicine


I learned more in one hour from this course than I did in three months of surgical clinical rotations! Finally I understand what I am doing with suturing!

Robin Craven

Student, UBC