Suture Practice Kit

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We strongly believe that we offer the best suture practice kit for medical students. Look at the other suture kits and you will discover they are all the same. Our unique patented kit was designed by Dr. David Naysmith, a plastic surgeon and professor in Victoria, Canada.  

See why our suture kit is the best:

About the Suture Practice Kit

Long gone are the days when medical students, nurses and doctors honed their suturing skills on an orange or a banana. When it comes to getting medical professionals ready to respond to patients’ needs, suture practice kits have been a game-changer. After all, while the suturing principles you learn in the classroom are crucial, it is the practice you put in at home that makes all the difference.  

Whether you are a complete novice or simply want to update your skills, Suture Mentor’s Suture Practice Kit has all the tools and sutures you will ever need. Compact and highly portable, the suture kit is perfect for practice sessions at home or in between classes or cases. Plus, it comes with a 6-month access to the “Suturing in 7 Days” course to give you the confidence to deal with different wound types. 

The Suture Practice Kit comes with trilaminar artificial skin suture pad, skin cut-out templates and a PVC pipe to stimulate open wounds. The suture tools include a 6-inch Crile Wood locking needle driver, 4 half-inch curved sharp iris scissors, a scalpel handle and a toothed Adson forceps. There is also a 2 toned cord to practice tying knots, 10 scalpel blades and 10 assorted sutures. Finally, there is a sharps container to keep you out of harm’s way.

To ensure that students learn the appropriate posture and distance while suturing, the kit comes with a patented trifold case. The sleeve, which wraps around the leg, simulates real-life experience that students simply won’t get suturing from their desks. Better still, the foldable kit can be easily turned into a first aid kit once you are confident about using your skills in real-life settings.

Contents of the Suture Practice Kit:

  • cordura folding kit 
  • trilaminar artificial skin suture pad
  • sharps container
  • 6" Crile Wood locking needle driver
  • 4 1/2" curved sharp iris scissors
  • #3 scalpel handle
  • toothed Adson forceps
  • 20" two-tone cord for hand-tie practice
  • plastic skin cut out template
    • 4 plasticized information cards
    • suture types
    • suture tips
    • suture techniques
  • leg strap to secure suture kit
  • hook and eye attachment
  • 4 1/2 X 8" windowed first aid pouch
  • #10 scalpel blade
  • 10 practice suture threads - assorted types and needle sizes
  • 3" PVC pipe to open wounds
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christina k.
United States United States

7 day suture

Excellent course. I highly recommend it!

Crystal M.
Canada Canada

Perfect Package for Pre-Clinical Training

I enjoyed working my way through the online training and using my kit to practice what I had just learned. I did the course over a couple of months instead of a week, but it was still super valuable.

Sara A.
Canada Canada

Amazing method of training

It was a great review and technic training method. I loved it.

Zain S.
Canada Canada

Fantastic suture kit and extremely helpful guidance videos

Practice makes perfect but Dr. Naysmith’s kit and clinical pearls will make the practice part far easier than most instructional videos on youtube

Gustavo J.
Canada Canada

Super didactic!

Excellent tool to learn and improve suturing skills

Meet your suturing instructor

Dr. David Naysmith

Suture Practice Kit Features

Our suture kit is more than a skin pad and instruments. It's the only suture practice system of its kind.

Practice anywhere

Take your suture practice kit with you anywhere

Patented Design

Trifold Case Wraps Around Leg

Easy to carry

Small case fits in a bag or purse


Artificial Skin Pad

Two Toned Rope

Practice Tying Surgical Knots

What's Inside the Suture Practice Kit

Information Cards

Four reference cards and skin cutout template

Two Toned Cord

20" two toned cord to practice hand tying knots.

Pipe to Open Wounds

3" pipe to simulate open wounds

Suture Tools

6" Crile Wood locking needle driver, 4 1/2" curved sharp iris scissors, #3 scalpel handle, and toothed Adson forceps

10 Practice Sutures

Assorted types and needle sizes

Sharps Container

Stay safe!

Converts into a First Aid Kit

When you are finished with the suture practice kit, you can turn it into a first aid kit.

*Items shown in first aid kit are for demonstration purpose only. The kit does not come with these items. You can fill it with whatever you want!