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Suture Course

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Learn how to suture, improve your suturing skills in 7 days with this online course

Learn how to suture or improve your skills in this 7-day online course. For medical students, residents, family physicians, veterinarians, and anyone else looking to improve their suturing.

* Suture Practice Kit not included. You can purchase our suture practice kit here


Suturing in 7 Course Content

The format of each day of the suture course is going to be much the same. The suture skills learned one day will apply to what you do the next day. These skill sets build one upon the other. 

On day one, we'll have a look at the types of surgical knots we use and we'll focus on two hand tying as a technical exercise. 

On day two we'll review that skill we'll then go on and we'll learn the technical exercise of one hand tying we'll look at needles, suture materials, packaging, instruments.

Those things are really going to be pivotal for day three when we start to do instrument ties when we do day three we'll talk about how to hold the instruments first of all and then we'll learn an instrument tie each day you'll see there are some tips that we're going to give you these are critical and they're fun things that will make you just a little bit better at what you do 

On day four, we'll start tying with sutures we'll actually use a simple interrupted suture on the suture skin pad that we have.

Day five will be some special stitches. Now the rule is that you should use the simplest suture possible to close any given wound; however, there are cases when you want to use things such as vertical mattresses, horizontal mattresses, or three-point sutures. 

On day six we're going to talk about deep wounds that require deep stitches. We'll talk about how to bury the knot and then we'll talk about running sutures and we'll focus on the subcuticular. As with every day, there'll be some tips. 

And finally, on day seven, if you're going to put sutures in you better know how to take them out. We’ll also show you some things that are critical to use such as drain sutures, catheter sutures, and then we're going to show you how to get out of trouble. 

All in all a lot to learn in seven days but there's plenty of time, and I think you'll find that by the end of seven days you will be competent at suturing. 

Suture Course Summary

Suturing in 7: Day 1 

  • Overview of what you will learn in the suture course
  • Showcase of our own suture practice kit
  • Types of surgical knots
  • Two-handed ties 

Suturing in 7: Day 2

  • Review 
  • One-hand tying 
  • Needles
  • Suture materials 
  • Packaging 
  • Instruments 
  • Some tips 
    • kinky sutures

Day 3 

  • Review 
  • Holding instruments 
  • Instrument tying 
  • Principals of handling tissue 
  • Some tips 
    • Grasping the needle
    • Work with short ends 

Day 4

  • Review 
  • Principals of wound closure 
  • Simple interrupted suture 
  • Some tips
    • Spacing 
    • Halving the wound 
    • Locking the stitch 

Day 5 

  • Review
  • Vertical mattress
  • Horizontal mattress
  • Half-buried horizontal mattress 
  • Three-point suture
  • Some tips 
    • Sew free to attached 
    • Bent needles 
    • Broken needles

Day 6

  • Review 
  • Deep sutures 
  • Burying the knot
  • Running sutures 
    • Continuous 
    • Locked 
    • Subcuticular 
  • Some tips 
    • Isolate the wound 
    • Finger rests 
    • Keep your distance 

Day 7 

  • Review 
  • Suture removal 
  • Suture ligatures 
  • Tying in drains/catheters 
  • Some tips 
    • Place “key” sutures 
    • Dog ears 
    • Standing cones 
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Ivana F.
United States United States

Ivana’s review

It was great I learned a lot. The only thing I would change is for the first tutorials to be explained in videos not in pictures, that way you can follow easier the suturing steps. But overall the course was great!


Suture Mentor

Thanks Ivana! That is an additional resource to provide more detail on top of the video. Appreciate the feedback!

Nikhil A.
Canada Canada

Great Content

Easy to understand and practice

Payam K.
Canada Canada

Suturing in 7 Days

Very structured, step by step, detailed explanations and practical videos. Best instructions and teaching on suturing I have ever seen.

Azza M.
Canada Canada


Very good

Suhasini P.
Canada Canada

Great so far

Love it! Clear and concise