"The S7 Program is clearly articulated comprehensive program from an experienced plastic surgeon/teacher that takes the learner from the basic two hand tie, through the single hand tie, instrument tie, vertical and horizontal mattress subcuticular stitches, to rotation flaps and z-platy among other tips, in 7 instructional modules of less than one hour each. Dr Naysmith delivers the message in a clear and understandable way with brief reviews of each antecedent module, at a speed suitable for all learners. As a Family Doctor he gave me confidence at the end of the program to repair torn earlobes, excise chondrodermatitis nodularis helicis, revise a simple scar, excise lesion which I would have previously too large to handle and generally do procedures which I would have referred out. 

The unique and ingenious suture practice kit with the multi-layer design simulated the anatomy of the skin layers and allow for individual practice.

The videos and the kit would be useful at all undergraduate centers and for any physician who wants to learn or brush up on suturing techniques. A good cosmetic scar can bring only increased satisfaction to both patient and physician alike."

- Dr. A Leong, Family Medicine


"I found the experience to be well organized, and logically presented. …The clinical pearls provided were absolutely wonderful and of immediate usefulness. I very much like the little suture kit as it will work much better than the small cardboard box currently sitting in my medical bag. All things considered, a most useful session and looking forward to more! I wish that I had had access to this in medical school, it would have perhaps improved the scars on a few of my early patients in the ER."

- Dr. L Woodburn, Family Medicine


The experience was amazing. The course touched on everything I needed to know to feel confident to suture. I think that is so awesome that you want to open this up to students. Learning these skills early on can make a huge difference on medical students futures since they can apply them earlier on in their clinicals. In my experience, the earlier you learn something, the more time you have to master is and add on to it….

"Prior to the S7 program, I had no experience with medicine, let alone suturing. I had never handled surgical tools or learned about the anatomy of human tissue. I joined the program because I thought it would be a great way to learn a skill that I could carry on to my future career. After day 7, I learned so much more than I expected I would. I didn't just learn how to suture, I learned how to choose the best method and how to handle problems that may arise. What really works well about the course is that it starts off with very basic skills that someone with no experience can feel comfortable tackling. Then each day builds on the previous skills and as the days progress, your confidence progresses. I was amazed that on day 1 I was learning two hand ties with rope but by day 7, I was performing intriquette (sic) suturing techniques on animal tissue. Dr. Naysmith's lecture videos were clear, concise and detail orientated so by the end you were confident that you were suturing the correct way. A huge addition were the clinical examples that allowed me to see how the S7 kit compares to human tissue. I am very fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn from the S7 program and I know I will carry these new skills and confidence with me to my future in medicine. I can not wait until I am in my clinical surgical rotation and I ask the surgeon if I can suture!"

- Sarah Douglas, pre-med student UVic